Latest 4G Phones in India

Wireless communication has evolved by leaps and bounds since the days of Alexander Graham Bell. From fixed landline phones, which could only transmit voice...

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Top 5 VPN Services to Protect Your Internet Connection

We know how hard it could be to find a good VPN provider for a reasonable price. It can take you a lot of...

Battle Of 4G – Best 4g Plans in India

In India, 4G has stirred a revolution in the telecom industry. Major telecom operators are competing with each other to offer the best and...


How To Cheat In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the hottest game around world right now. You probably have it installed by now and if you still don’t, you’re missing...

How to Add Facebook Profile Video

Facebook is one powerful social media site in today’s date. You need to have a social presence online which will be further beneficial to your business and personal life. If you start feeling your Facebook profile is too static then Facebook is offering you an option to ditch your profile photo for a short 7 second looping profile video.

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iPhone 7 Launch Event and Release Date Confirmed

It's finally official. After months of leaks and rumours the date for Apple's latest iPhone 7 unveiling has been announced. The smartphone’s giant has...

Opera browser’s sync system hacked | Users to reset their passwords

Opera has alerted all users of its browser, that an unknown hacker has influenced and gained access to its sync system, potentially influenced the...

Prisma To Come in Offline Mode soon to Android as well

The sensational photo filter app Prisma, which has stepped up from nothing to an incredible 55 million+ downloads for both mobile OS platforms, IOS...