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How Apple and Facebook Got KickassTorrents Busted

This is a joke that how an iTunes purchase lands the mastermind behind the Worlds largest torrent site owner to jail. Also let's look How...

How Google Maps Traffic Works?

Getting a Google Maps traffic update before departure for work isn't a big deal for you, however have you ever questioned how Google tracks...


How to Copy Paste In Command Prompt

The copy-paste feature by use of the Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V commands is one in all the foremost used options of a Windows operating system. It...

How to Add Facebook Profile Video

Facebook is one powerful social media site in today’s date. You need to have a social presence online which will be further beneficial to your business and personal life. If you start feeling your Facebook profile is too static then Facebook is offering you an option to ditch your profile photo for a short 7 second looping profile video.

How To obtain Passwords Using Firefox

We all have a desire to hack somebody’s password for spying purpose or generally simply out of curiosity. Today I am going to show you an easy hacking tricks by which you would be able to hack passwords by using just a browser.

How To Shutdown Computer Using CMD (Command Prompt).

There would be many instance when you want to shut down your computer after certain time. Maybe you’re downloading a file from internet or running a scan on your pc.

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